Anonymous said: Do you have a tag for all the plushes you've made?





someone messaged me asking how i make my fursuit heads and i said i’d do a quick tutorial!

i left out ALOT of small details and other things like how to make a balaclava and etc but this is the basics. i didn’t want to write a book. if you have any questions you can just ask me separately.

i know its probably not the best tutorial but i hope it helps someone!

i should of typed because my handwriting is bad

Well drawn how to on making a fursuit head.
As always, doesn’t matter if you’re aiming for toony or realistic, just depends on the shapes you use.

Good reference! Just in case any of my followers needed some costume help!

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Shiny Espurr plush. Another hard to photo plush.

Anonymous said: Espurr!

CUTE!! I love Espurr. When I first caught it, I didn’t think much about it, but its little eyes and mew won me over. Then Meowstic became my number one player on my game team. Meowstic has insane speed. I’ve been able to even out speed a mega gengar and then paralyze it, destroying all strats and then aiding my Togekiss for future havoc wrecking.

But Espurr is definitely in my top five of gen VI. If you like Espurr, you’ll love what you see in a few hours :3

they think it’s funny to have their little sleepovers and go into their little bathrooms and say my name five times in the mirror. They find it less funny when I actually show up and feed their lungs to the family dog.

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stillnotblinking said: Drifblim

Love Drifloon, not so much Drifblim, but he’s still cute. Especially in the 10th movie. I don’t really have many special memories attached to Drifblim. Although I did see a fan evolution where he turned into a blimp. That was awesome!

Anonymous said: Flygon!

I LOVE FLYGON!!! MEGA FLYGON PLZ? It’s so cute! I love bugs and it’s a bug dragon guy

error404personnotfound said: aegislash and/or torterra! my 2 favourites and the stars of my team in each respective generation

I haven’t done much with Aegislash. I think the entire line is SO COOL and he’s a pain to face in battle.

Torterra is one of my top ten favorites! He was one of the first Pokemon I EV trained and was on my main competitive team in Diamond. The Turtwig line is my third favorite starter line. I love all three of them! Torterra is just so cool. I collected him for a bit before just focusing on Togekiss and Volcarona. I love turtles and bonsai, so he’s of course awesome to me.

I also have a walky Turtwig keychain that I usually take with me on trips :3

eloquentnightmare said: Luxray

I like Luxray! It’s not a Pokemon I use, but I love its face markings and structure! Luxray was also one of my first ever commissions. I’ve made many Luxray and it’s one of the Pokemon that I can use to compare how far I’ve come with my craft! I also love the blue and black colors. The entire line is super cool, though I’m not the biggest Luxio fan. Plus I like the idea of an electric field savannah with Zebstrika and Luxray running around! (Also cute star tail)

Anonymous said: Typhlosion

I LOVE TYPHLOSION!! Cyndaquil line is probably my all time favorite starter line (Mudkip line ties with it and Turtwig line is next). I’ve had so many awesome Typhlosion. I also have a Cyndaquil that just sits on my team being adorable. Her name’s Cami. It’s also one of the few Pokemon lines that I’ve made entirely. Though that was back when I used fleece. I’m making another Typhlosion soon! Typhlosion is in my top mons!

Anonymous said: Arcanine!!!

I always thought it was cool how he was the legendary Pokemon despite not being an actual legendary. And how he was on the Pokemon center’s art in the second episode. I loved using extreme speed with him in battle and I always imagined he’d be super warm and fluffy to sleep on as a trainer. I’ve never really used Arcanine, but I do really like him.

gaymerjosh said: Toxicroak?

I LOVE TOXICROAK! I love Croagunk, so I love this guy. He’s just so cool and I love using him in non-competitive battles. Plus he reminds me of criminalcrow and she’s awesome, so that makes me happy. Croagunk I love. I have this plush one with light up cheeks and I just love him. He was given to me to help me get through a break up and he really helped.

I also love Brock’s gunk. Especially since he got like as attached to Brock as Pikachu is to Ash despite Brock having him for just a few days in the anime. And in the ep where dawn catches Swinub, the Pokemon of the ranch are looking at him weird and whispering behind his back, so rude, but he doesn’t care. He’s just doing his own gunk thing.

I always hoped he’d evolve on the show…sad he didn’t, but at least Plasma had a cool Croak.

Anonymous said: Chandelure .-.

I’m not the biggest chandelure fan. Not that I don’t like it or anything, I just never really used it. I think it’s a cool Pokemon in general, though. My biggest memory is when two people commissioned someone for Chandelures and weren’t happy with the finished plush (and they also had an odor to them), so I fixed them up and got rid of the smell for them.

thequeenpi said: Nidorina!

I love Nidorina! It’s adorable and I love the color choices. I also love how it seems to be more capable of using its forepaws than Nidorino to pick things up and such. It was also the card that I could never seem to pull back in the jungle set days.

Anonymous said: What are the next plushies you are working on? :3

Currently I’m finishing up a shiny Espurr. After that, my plans are to upload a Skarmory, Celine (grey kitty), a Treasury Thrull (sp) from magic the gathering, and a Missing Lynx from Dragon Quest. The plan is always subject to change, but this is what I’m hoping to post next!